How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty is a paint warranty. It covers chip, crack, and peel for 40 years and fade for 30 years.

What voids the warranty?

Using for animal containment, cutting with a saw blade other than a carbide blade specifically made for steel, installing directly on shingles with nothing between, and installing on pressure treated wood with nothing between are examples of things that void the paint warranty. If in doubt, ask.

Is it guaranteed not to leak?

Leaking is directly related to installation procedures, and is not covered under the paint warranty, although most installers will warrant their work not to leak.

How close together should the screws be?

We recommend 24 to 30 inches apart going up the panel and beside or on each rib.

Should I put the screws in the flat or on the rib?

If a contractor is installing, we recommend that you let the installer choose since he has to warrant for leaks. If you are doing it yourself, we recommend on the rib if the pitch is less than 3/12 and in the flat for pitches greater than that, although we aren’t strongly opposed to fastening through the rib all the time.

Can I install the metal over shingles?

We do not recommend installing over shingles unless there are no rotten places and there is only one layer of shingles. There must be a minimum of 30# felt, 30-year titanium underlayment, or 1x4 lathe, between the shingles and the metal to preserve the warranty.

How thick should the roof decking/sheeting be?

In most of our service area, we are aware that buildings codes allow 1/2” OSB board for roof sheeting, but in our experience, this is a bad decision because it does not have a strong enough grip on the screws and back-out and pull-out are much more of a problem. We recommend either 5/8 plywood or 3/4 OSB; however, this does not affect the warranty since the warranty is for paint only.

Should I use 1x4’s?

Many of our customers who are contractors use 1x4’s or 2x4’s on top of shingles or even over underlayment on new construction. An advantage is a cooling air layer under the metal, but it also raises the roof, which makes flashing more difficult. Use of lathe also does not affect warranty.

What kind of underlayment do you recommend?

30# felt or 30-year titanium is required over shingles, but any other underlayment is acceptable. Titanium lasts longer and doesn’t tend to condense water like black felt does.

How does the price compare to shingles?

This varies somewhat, but in general, the best shingles are comparable in price to the Sturdi-Panel® metal roofing.

Does it stand up to hail and wind?

Metal roofing, if installed correctly with proper trims, does very well in high wind and although it may dent with extreme hail, will not lose its ability to shed water.

How does your roofing compare to the competition’s?

We use only Domestic Steel and our panels are .015 or greater thickness, which is on the heavy side of 29 gauge. This is not the norm in the industry. Most panels are thinner than that.

Should I tear off the shingles?

The shingles may be left on if there is no rot and if there is only one layer.

Do you deliver, how far, and how much?

We can deliver any distance. The charge is $3.00 per loaded mile one-way with a minimum of $30.00. We have the capability to deliver via boom truck and set the packs in most locations.

How many colors do you have?

25 in stock and many more available via special order.

How does color affect temperature inside the house?

In our area, we have a climate where we have roughly 6 months of cold weather and 6 months of warm weather, so choosing color for warmth in winter will hinder cooling in summer and choosing color for coolness in summer will hinder heating in winter. If you need more help with cooling in summer than with heating in winter, choose a very light color. If your needs lean more toward warmth in winter, choose a dark color. Otherwise, choose a color that suits your taste.

Do you install?

We do install garage doors. We do not install roofing, but we can put you in touch with reliable roofers.

Can I install it myself?

If you have tackled moderately strenuous, moderately complicated DIY projects before, you can probably do it yourself. We have a PDF manual available that will guide you through most of the install. Feel free to ask us if you have other questions.

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